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Survey Products for Purchase

The following are examples of new or recent research products. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about purchasing a subscription and pricing for any of our products.

New Research for the Nation’s Mortgage Lenders

 HowtoBuildMortage 2019CoverThe latest version of the comprehensive annual study that explores the important relationship between mortgage lenders and real estate agents is now available. The valuable research, based on a national survey of real estate agents, is a joint venture of Campbell Surveys and Inside Mortgage Finance.

Major lenders depend on the study to guide their business strategy with real estate agents and benchmark their performance with agents and homebuyers. The data helps guide strategy by assessing the effectiveness and prevalence of various lender services, tracking changes in real estate agent preferences or practices that affect the choice of a mortgage lender, as well as benchmarking performance vs. other top lenders.



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Agency of the Future Present

There’s no time to waste. Agency principals need to be in the future now – using technology, offering self-service and marketing to today’s biggest bloc of consumers (Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X). They can’t afford to delay important decisions such as who will own and manage their firm after they’re gone.

Agent Voices 2020 takes a deep dive into the Agency of the Future, as we ask independent agents what they need from their top carriers to be sustainable for future generations.

Become a Partner and help shape the survey and receive the full data set and analysis.



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