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Our Expertise

Through both qualitative and quantitative analysis, we provide clients and specific individual industry sponsors with strategic marketing and business development information for confident decision-making. We lead the market, not just because of what we do but because of how we do it.

We provide custom-made research solutions, employing the more appropriate research methodology to answer a specific brief.

Most of our online business-to-business surveys extract and analyze information about attitudes and perceptions within vital customer relationships. We meet the needs of:

  • Individual clients who fund the study themselves. Findings are theirs alone. The existence of the project is known only to them and respondents usually know us, the third party, but not the sponsor.
  • Multiple sponsors of a syndicated survey. In most such studies, sponsors are given the opportunity to pre-purchase the research and benefit individually from the design. Sharing a study‚Äôs costs among several sponsors, who may be competitors, often makes such a vertical market project possible.

Contributing to our success is creativity in driving the desired respondents to the survey instrument on our site. The benefits of online surveys over old, traditional methods are obvious and powerful: speed, flexibility, control, accuracy, and cost effectiveness.

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