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Key Partners

Inside Mortgage Finance

Inside Mortgage Finance Publications, Inc. is a Bethesda, Maryland-based company providing business-to-business news and statistics to executives in the residential mortgage business. Since 1984 their publications have been “What the Mortgage Market Reads," with coverage of legislative, political and regulatory issues, as well as industry news, trends, analysis and exclusive statistics and rankings. Read them for the latest on mortgage issues, such as the government-sponsored enterprises, the mortgage- and asset-backed securities markets, the non-agency non-conforming market, mortgage insurance, servicing, Dodd-Frank Act, technology innovations, profitable operations, e-commerce and other regulatory issues.

Their family of publications includes eight mortgage-related newsletters: Inside Mortgage Finance, Inside MBS & ABS, Inside the GSEs, Inside Nonconforming Markets, Inside Mortgage Trends, Inside the CFPB, Mortgage Market Update, and Inside FHA/VA Lending, as well as special and statistical reports. They also publish the Small Business Tax News, focusing on tax reduction planning and strategies for small businesses. Campbell Surveys collaborates with them on its national survey of real estate agents on mortgage lender referrals.

Subscribers include the nation’s largest mortgage lenders and banking agencies.

Channel Harvest Research

Channel Harvest Research is a survey research partnership specializing in the critical relationships between insurance companies and their sales channels. This venture combines the experience of two veteran firms – Campbell Surveys and Aartrijk – to deliver unprecedented insight into insurance distribution.

Channel Harvest has helped many companies improve their most important customer relationships, marketing and sales efforts, and refinements in products and services. Over the past seven years, Channel Harvest has employed online surveys in business-to-business strategic research, extracting and analyzing attitudinal information within customer or constituent relationships. The benefits of online surveys over old, traditional methods are obvious: speed, flexibility, control, accuracy – and enormous cost savings.

Since its inception, Channel Harvest has devoted attention and resources to syndicated research – with multiple sponsors in a single vertical market — e.g., the insurance industry. Such studies are successful because the costs are shared among several sponsors who are often market competitors. While the firm is a leader in quantitative research and actionable results, it also excels at qualitative research, including in-person and teleconference focus groups. Campbell Surveys partnered with Channel Harvest on its study Agent Voices 2019, among others.

Subscribers to the annual survey include many of the largest U.S. property and casualty insurance carriers.

For more on syndicated research, go to Our Expertise.

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