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Housing and Mortgage Trends

Gain insight into a dozen facets of the residential finance business with the HousingPulse package.

Mortgagor & Real Estate Agent Connections

Grow your home purchase business by learning what real estate agents value from mortgage providers.

Insurance Business Development

Hear directly from agents about what they need from insurance carriers.

Campbell Surveys - Probing Attitudes and Perceptions
Within Vital Relationships 

Invest in Real Estate

Campbell Communications conducts business-to-business survey research in several vertical marketplaces, ranging from mortgage, real estate and financial services to the trade and professional association community.

In recent years, the firm has undertaken new opportunities in the foodservice, technology and franchising sectors. But by far its greatest impact continues to be in the residential mortgage and insurance industries.

The firm's strategic research has informed marketing and public relations programs for a variety of national organizations. It also has helped companies improve their most important customer relationships, marketing and sales efforts, and refinements in products and services. For non-profit clients, the firm’s research has helped plan and measure the effectiveness of membership campaigns and evaluate communications programs.

In recent years, Campbell Communications has frequently employed online surveys in business-to-business research, extracting and analyzing attitudinal information within customer or constituent relationships. The benefits of online surveys over old, traditional methods are obvious: speed, flexibility, control, accuracy – and enormous cost savings.

While serving individual clients with such surveys, the firm has increasingly devoted attention and resources to syndicated research – with multiple sponsors in vertical markets. Such studies are successful because the costs are shared among several sponsors, often competitors with each other. In many vertical projects, Campbell partners with an established organization within the industry, such as a trade publication or association.

Campbell has also provided research services to clients seeking to introduce Internet, software and network technologies into vertical marketplaces. The services have included both qualitative and quantitative research into marketing prospects, as well as product development and customization.