Survey of Government IT Purchasers

On Tech Contracting and Vendors


Federal agency employees completing this survey will receive a complimentary report, “How Federal Purchasers View IT Contracting and Vendors.”  This summary report will include important general findings from the survey.  Examples:

  • Most important factors in selecting IT vendors
  • Product characteristics that drive IT purchasing
  • Key factors removing contractors from competition
  • How factors vary by product and service category

This survey is designed to be completed in approximately 10 minutes or less.

To begin the survey, click here:

About the survey:  

  • This is primarily a survey of readers of Government Computer News.  It is intended to benefit both government agencies and vendors and result in higher quality and value in products and services purchased by government.
  • This survey is conducted by Campbell Communications, Inc., a Washington marketing and research firm.
  • This is a confidential survey. No individual or agency information will be released or reported.
  • Results of this survey will be available for sale. A free summary report will be provided all survey respondents

For more information:
John Campbell, 202.363.2069